Contractor induction


Health & Safety is our core value at Holcim.

Among other things, we rely on the safety awareness of our employees. You, and of course your staff, also play an important part in achieving our goal. To this day, our coordinators have briefed you on Holcim-specific hazards. To do so, we have used a film, an electronic training tool or oral instructions.

To ensure that you and your staff no longer receive different information on occupational safety, we have now developed a uniform computer-aided induction, which conveys the general safety and environmental rules of conduct. If necessary, specific, job-related hazards will still be explained in an oral briefing that is documented by our coordinators.

It is obligatory for external companies to undergo an induction.
This means that every contractor who wants to work at a Holcim site must first undergo the computer- aided induction. The induction is divided into different sections, and include questions that have to be answered correctly after each section.

After completing the induction, a certificate must be printed out, which, as a first step, entitles you to carry out your job – provided that the job requires no further oral instruction from our coordinators. The certificate must be brought along and presented to the relevant Holcim coordinator without being asked.

The induction is valid for a maximum of one year. It is advisable to repeat the induction before the expiry date, as no work can be performed at the plant after the expiration date.

Please click on the respective division in which you would like to take action to start the initial deployment:

Precast concrete products
Aggregates (gravel and quarries)
Ready-mix concrete

If you are a truck or van driver (pickup or supplier), please click here:

Driver induction